When faced with a possible mouse problem, people commonly turn to mouse traps to solve the issue. Mouse traps are very effective in killing a mouse, if one comes in direct contact with the trap to feed on the bait.

When a home or business has a real mouse issue, or a full-blown mouse infestation, mouse traps are not an effective solution. Mouse traps actually help prolong a mouse infestation by providing an ongoing, reliable food source for the rodents they are designed to help exterminate. Mice rapidly reproduce and when perfect conditions are present (food, water and shelter), nests can become over-run quickly causing mice to venture out during the day in pursuit for a new nest and food.

a grey rodent sniffing cheese in a mouse trap

If you spot live mice inside during the day, this is often always a sure sign that you have mouse problems, and all the more reason to reach out for professional mouse control help from an experienced and licenced pest control company. Getting rid of mice requires a professional grade rodent bait program, which typically takes 1 or more months to fully work, depending on the size of the infestation, and the maturity of the mice (as nests range from infants to adults). All mice need to consume the bait to full eliminate a mouse infestation, so time is needed for mice to mature enough to leave their nest and feed outside the nest. It is very common to still see or hear mouse activity in your home or business up to 4 weeks after the pest control technician has implemented the rodent bait program. You can tell it's effective through finding blue-green mouse droppings. These would have come from a mouse who consumed the bait and passed. If you’re still finding fresh black droppings or spotting live mice after 1 month, advise the pest control company so that they can come back and tweak the bait program.

It is important that you do not use mouse traps while you have rodent bait program in place, as you are adding another tasty food source into the mix, giving the mice the opportunity to eat something other than the bait.

Sometimes homeowners and business owners try off-the-shelf rodent bait products to get rid of mice. These bait products commonly take many feedings to work (if they do) and they also work in different ways than a professional bait product like the one we use here at Advance Pest Control Services. When bait needs to be consumed more than once, and only causes a mouse to feel sick following the first feed, the mice will likely not feed on it again. Mice can also become resilient to ineffective bait, which can become a food source for them. The product that we use is very efficient, and most often works after a single feed. Any mice that have ingested the bait also will dry from the inside out, which eliminates odour from rot and decay.

Need help getting rid of mice? Avoid using mouse traps and call 1-877-735-1367 or 519-942-0833 and speak with one of our helpful and friendly pest control professionals.  Also check out our pest library for tips for how to prevent mice.

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