We hope you’re enjoying the start to fall!

While the temperatures are getting cooler with each passing day, there have been many days filled with bright warm sunshine and enjoying the outdoors has never been more refreshing and beautiful. Fall is a busy season with so much to do and enjoy - seasonal cottages are closed and winterized, apple picking, Thanksgiving celebrations, pumpkin patches, Halloween festivities, winter tire installation and preparing for the pending snow and winter season.

Fall is also when overwintering insects and rodents seek shelter from the pending cold, ice and snow and enter homes and businesses unknowingly to the owners, to hibernate until spring arrives. They gain entry through gaps and rips in window and door screens, uncovered vents and in cracks and crevices in and around foundations, doors, windows, utility pipes, soffits, fascia and more.

Cluster flies, boxelder bugs, pine seed bugs, wasps & hornets, Asian lady beetles, and mice are common nuisance overwintering pests in Orangeville, Dufferin County, Wellington County and also Peel region. Cluster flies, pine seed bugs, boxelder bugs, Asian lady beetles and wasps & hornets are inactive during the cold and awake in warmer spring weather, eager to get outside. They congregate in large, endless numbers around lights and windows trying to get out, catching home and business owners by surprise and leaving them wondering where on earth did these bugs came from.

a group of red, yellow and orange asian lady beetles.

Mice however, are active year-round so if they gain entry to your home in the fall, they will build nests, feed and breed, causing damage, and posting a serious risk for contamination and unsanitary conditions.

To keep wanted fall pests from getting inside your house or business, diligently pest proof following these fall pest-proofing tips, and get a fall pest control service from a licensed pest control professional. When you combine a fall pest control treatment and quality pest proofing, you have ultimate protection against fall pests, especially for those who live in the country where cluster flies, boxelder bugs and pine seed bugs are an ongoing, annual issue.

Have a wonderful fall and contact us if we can help you prevent pests this fall.

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