It is an alarming and challenging time for everyone in our communities, and our world overall.  The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked everyone and everything. Many tough decisions and sacrifices have been made.

We truly hope that all our customers are safe and healthy and remain so. We also want to thank all the front-line workers - you are remarkable!

We wanted to share that Advance Pest Control Services is an essential service, and we are open for business. We have been helping protect public health with pest control services since 1984. 

We also wanted to share that we are part of Environmental Pest Control's group of companies and have been since 2018, and that Environmental Pest Control provides Commercial Disinfection Services, which could be a huge benefit to those who own or manage a property that serves employees or the general public. This service is available to all Advance Pest Control Service commercial customers.

How can a Commercial Disinfection Service, like Environmental Pest Control's Commercial Disinfection Service help a business slow and stop the spread of COVID-19?

  1. It can help create a cleaner & safer environment. By including in a business' regular commercial sanitation practices, a business may be able to more quickly and effectively clean & disinfect the places where their staff and customers frequent.
  2. Should your workplace or facilities be exposed to the novel COVID-19 virus, this type of disinfection service may help you more quickly and effectively clean and disinfect so that you can re-open your doors sooner, and get back to business.

We hope you all remain healthy and safe!

The Advance Pest Control Services Team

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