Why Do You Need Advance Pest Control in Brampton and Area?

Did you know unwanted insects can invade your home or business and spread bacteria? You may have many important questions about pest control in your Brampton home, and we have answers. Advance Pest Control Services answers some of the frequently asked questions you have before you hire a professional pest management company. If you have a question not addressed here, please call us locally or toll free.

My dog or cat has infested the house with fleas. Do I need a pest control service?

First of all, consult your veterinarian about effective flea treatment and control for your pet. This will help treat your pet's current situations and help prevent future flea infestations. Next, since flea eggs dropped from your pet's fur, fleas have made themselves at home in your carpets and furniture. You need professional intervention to break their fast-growing reproductive cycle, which takes as little as 2 weeks. Advance Pest Control Services finds all the crevices where flea larvae prefer to hide before they turn into adult fleas that start the problem all over again.

Why do I need professional pest control for cockroaches and flies?

Both pests carry disease, including bacteria that can cause food poisoning. You don’t want them in your kitchen at home, your restaurant or food service business. But that’s where they like to breed, and they can multiply by the thousands in a year. That is why you need professional pest control to eliminate their eggs as well as reproducing adults in the warm, damp corners where they live. Call Advance Pest Control Services for a free consultation, identification of your particular infestation, and guaranteed treatment program.

Why hire a licensed pest control service?

When you have service from a fully licensed pest control company, professionals trained as pesticide applicators take care of your home or business. The technicians at Advance Pest Control Services attend industry seminars and conferences, and we are up to date on new products, regulations and safe practices.

How safe are pest control products around my family and pets?

Advance Pest Control Services follows the strictest industry standards in ridding your home of unwanted insects, from spiders to bed bugs. As a government licensed pest control service, we use only approved chemical treatments safe for any person or pet in your home or business.

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