Pine seed bugs (or western conifer seed bug) are a common nuisance overwinter pest here in Ontario from fall to spring. In late summer and early fall, pine seed bugs love to bask in the hot sun on south sides of home and buildings, but once the cooler fall weather arrives, they wander indoors through cracks and crevices around entry points in pursuit of a place to hibernate over winter.

A typical pine seed bug is around 1 inch long, with an elongated shape and, reddish brown colouring and a faint, white zigzag line across the center of the back.. Both ends of their bodies appear pointed, and their antennae are almost the length of the body. 

Pine seed bugs do not bite, sting or cause harm to people or animals. When squashed, they do emit a distinct, unpleasant smell. They are commonly confused for stink bugs. They can also leave a stain when you squish them.

Getting rid of pine seed bugs is best achieved through prevention. This includes pest proofing in the spring and fall, and hiring a licensed pest control professional to treat the perimeter of your home and building with a residual spray. In some cases pine seed bugs will be an ongoing issue and can never be 100% eliminated. They can be controlled and managed by taking the same preventative actions.