Fruit flies are a sanitation issue.

They can be most bothersome in the summer and fall months, however they can be a year-round issue in homes and businesses and anywhere there is exposed food. 

A typical fruit fly is 3-4 mm long, with red eyes and yellowish to light brown colouring. The reproduce quickly and in great numbers. The average female fruit fly can lay 400-500 fruit fly eggs in her lifetime. They can mature from larva to adult in just 7 days.

Fruit flies do not just develop on rotten or over-ripe fruits and vegetables. They actually come inside through doors, windows, doors and drain pipes by following the odours emitted by ripe vegetables and fruits. They are also unintentionally brought inside on already infested food. They lay their eggs in rotting fruit and other organic material.  Fruit flies do not bite, but they inhabit and favour unsanitary conditions and therefore can contaiminent food and food prep areas.

Getting rid of fruit flies is done through prevention and sanitation:

  • Wash fruits and vegetables as soon as you bring them indoors and store in the fridge. 
  • Don’t buy excess quantities of produce unless you plan to use immediately or have room in the fridge  to store.
  • Regularly inspect your produce and dispose of anything rotten.
  • Clean up food and liquid spills when they happen.
  • Keep food prep areas clean and sanitized, paying special attention to sinks and drains.
  • Store garbage, compost and recycling bins away from your home or business, in containers with lids and clean between use.

While fruit flies are a sanitation issue and can be resolved by improving antiquation practices, a serious fruit fly infestation may require help from a licensed pest control professional experienced in fruit fly pest control.