Our Insect Identification Leads to Correct Treatment

Is that a bed bug or did the cat bring in fleas? Do you know what spiders are common in Ontario homes? Don’t know what pests have invaded your home or business or how to get rid of them? Proper insect identification is the best way to get effective treatment.

Call the licensed pest control technicians of Advance Pest Control Services for a free consultation and insect identification to ensure the safest and most effective treatment.

Here are some of the common insects that are found in Ontario interiors. Can you identify them?

Bed Bugs

“Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Not a cute saying if you really have bed bugs. If bed bugs have travelled home with you, the first sign is not bites but brown bugs about the size and shape of an apple seed that leave black or brown droppings.



There are many varieties of cockroaches, and the ones that infest homes and food services are active and breeding quickly all year. You most likely find them at night, and you’ll know them by their long bodies – up to 50 cm – 6 legs and 2 antennae. They leave droppings that can aggravate allergies.



Is your cat scratching? Are small, dark brown bugs about 2.5 mm long jumping out of your carpets or crawling in your pet’s fur. Up close, you can identify a flea by its flat, thin body and 6 long legs.



Earwigs won’t burrow in your ears while you sleep, but they do secrete a bad odour and cluster in large numbers. Earwigs are attracted to light and move inside your home to find food and stay warm. You can identify an earwig by the noticeable pinchers on the end of their abdomens.



More destructive to your home because they may not be a noticeable nuisance, termites can hide in your walls, furniture and crawlspace. You can identify swarms of winged termites around your doors and windows in the spring mating season.

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